The Silurian

The Silurian period was named by Sir Roderick Murchison for a Celtic tribe of Wales, the Silures.

This sand, imported by MoAG’s branch at the dunes of Altyn-Emel National Park in Kazakhstan, is an acoustic threshold to the Silurian period, when arid conditions prevailed across Earth. Follow these instructions:

1. Wait for a hot, dry sunny day.
2. Pile this sand on the north apron of the island
3. Micro-avalanches will produce a resonance of about 450Hz caused by the shearing of sand.
4. Amplify the effect by bringing some friends (who will purchase additional sacks of MoAG singing sand.)
5. Blow the Opera House off its foundations when you convert the entire island into a sand dune humming to all of Sydney Harbour.